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Sailing San Blas on Pacifica


Rates are per person per night, based on double occupancy of two big cabins and one person in smaller cabin. These rates are all-inclusive: 3 meals a day, snacks and fruits, soft and alcoholic beverages (no hard liquor), Internet access (Wi-Fi hotspot), sheets and towels (one towel per person), stand-up paddle board, water hammocks, snorkeling and fishing gear, dinghy with outboard engine, fuel.
Not included: transportation to San Blas and personal expenses.
Children under 12 get 25% discount.
Rates depend on the length of your stay and number of people in your company:
2 nights3+ nights
2 - 3 persons:$200 $170
4 persons:$170 $150

Additional transportation costs to the boat in San Blas and back to Panama City, per person:
4x4 vehicle, one way:$25
Water taxi to the boat, one way:$20
Kuna 'taxes', only on the way in:$20 + $2

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